Social media Management

Social Media Management

Social media has a cost. This isn’t completely true. Social media costs vary depending on what you do after setting up an account on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Managing your own account may require you to pay for graphic design and social media management tools. The cost of managing your own account depends on the value you assign to your time.

You can save time and money by partnering with a social media marketing agency or hiring a social media manager, but there are also costs involved. There are a variety of factors that influence social media advertising costs.

In this video, we will explore a variety of scenarios.



How much does social media marketing cost?

I can provide you with some estimates for how much managing your social media accounts on your own can cost, but I can’t provide you with a precise figure. A company can easily spend between $3000 and $8000 per month on advertising.

It also includes advertising spend, but the number can vary from company to company and even reach $20,000. It is estimated that social media marketing can cost between $900 and $7000 or more by itself. Although those are some big gaps, there is a variation in the price depending on the experience of the person.

Your social media marketing strategy, either through an agency or a marketer. You can minimize your spending on social media by doing some free things. Before you decide on a social media marketing budget, you should be managing reviews, sharing updates from your company, and creating graphics.

Investing in the wrong area can lead to overspending and underinvestment. Make sure you research and know your goals. We’d be glad to help you decide which areas will generate the best ROI out of your general marketing budget. Now let’s look at social media advertising. 

How much does social media advertising cost? 

When you do it yourself, similar to social media marketing, you eliminate the cost of hiring an agency while adding a lot of additional tasks.

An outsourced social media campaign could cost you another $200 to $50,000. Yep, that’s an even bigger gap than before. However, you can be more flexible with your ad spend than when hiring an agency or social media manager.

Social media platforms usually offer a set of pricing options to set your own ad spending budget. CPC or cost per click is one of the most common pricing methods. Your ad is charged per click with this method.

Cost per thousand impressions, or CPS, is another common pricing method. This method of pricing involves paying every time 1000 people see your ad. It varies from social network to social network. 

There may be fluctuations in your numbers depending on factors such as your bid amount, your ad relevance, your ad replacements, the audience, and the time of day. You’ll want to research platforms that have a minimum ad spend.

You can do this yourself or have your social media manager do it for you. To determine the cost of your social media strategy, we have a pricing calculator on our website.